Program Objective

The FedUni Advantage

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The FedUni MBA(Health Services Management) curriculum is designed for senior registered nurse who is willing to promote to management level. Our strengths include professional skills of both medical and management, effeicient programme and team spirit promotion.

The following explains the reason for YOU to select FedUni MBA(Health Services Management):

A Part-Time Master Course Within 16 Months

The FedUni MBA curriculum is designed to quickly and thoroughly prepare you for a career in corporate enterprise. The weekend-oriented classes (Saturdays and Sundays) of FedUni MBA are scheduled to facilitate and adjust to the compressed and busy work life of working professionals. The compact part-time learning schedule ensures students could complete the course within 16 months.

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Balance of Medical and Management Skills

Mr. Bob O'Shea
Deputy Dean of the Business School
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The FedUni MBA (Health Services Management) covers both medical and management knowledge, including Human Resource Management, Organizations: Behaviour, Structure and Processes, Leadership in Health Services Management. Students' capability and competitiveness are well prepared in progressing to management level.

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Studying Locally with International Accreditation

The FedUni MBA program is instructed locally in Hong Kong while all certificate of qualifications are issued directly and identically by the Federation University Australia. Meanwhile, UB is one of the 39 national universities in Australia, which is monitored and funded by the Australian government.

The history of the Federation University Australia dates, through its predecessor institutions, from 1870 when the School of Mines and Industries Ballarat was founded. This makes it the third oldest tertiary education institution in Australia.

The FedUni MBA is accredited by the following Australian associations:*

The Australian Marketing Institute's record of service to the marketing profession goes all the way back to our origin in 1933. Over the intervening years we have continually evolved to meet the changing needs of marketers, delivering services to help members maximise their professional growth.

The Australian Institute of Management is not for profit entity which invests its annual surpluses in the creation of education products, alternative education distribution channels and learning support materials.

The sole purpose of AIM is to promote the advancement of education and learning in the field of management and leadership for commerce, industry and government.

The Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) is the national association representing human resource and people management professionals and currently has in excess of 14,000 members.

AHRI leads the direction and fosters the growth of the HR profession through actively setting standards and building the capability of the profession.

* Eligibility is subject to courses completed.

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Five Star Teaching Quality 5 Years in a row (2009-2013)

The Federation University Australia is expert in their fields with impressive research and academic backgrounds. Their collective ability to draw the best from a class is legendary. They get to know students as individuals ensuring that each one contributes to the program, and are highly committed to student success supporting you throughout the Program. Furthermore, their real-world business experience is apparent in the dynamic and engaging way they teach cases. This expertise is critical to our commitment to having the finest faculty train our future leaders. That is the reason for FedUni MBA consistently ranks 5 stars in "Teaching Quality" in "The Good Universities Guide" continuously from 2009 - 2013 among the universities in Australia, recognized their excellence in teaching.

In addition to theory-based lectures, the FedUni MBA emphasizes discussions between teachers and students. The program also arous students' interest and encourage in-class communciation through real life examples.

Comprehensive Academic Assistance

Access to FedUni e-learning platform would be provided to FedUni MBA students. Students can also access e-books and academic journals through online library. To ensure the learning experience, experienced program administrators are ready for assistance.

Pre-MBA Employers (Partial List)

31 Intakes with Quality and Confidence

The FedUni MBA program has been operated in Hong Kong for 31 intakes and graduates work in various hospitals and related organizations. Lecturers are experienced in teaching Hong Kong students, bringing quality and confidence in learning to students.

Pre-MBA Employers (Partial List)